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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Whole House Safety Inspections

Periodic Electrical Safety Inspections are essential in maintaining a home that is safe from the dangers of electrical shock, and electric related incidents and injuries such as fires and burns. We at Green Electric Solutions offer periodic electrical maintenance inspections for the whole home to ensure safety and prevent inconveniences related to electrical issues.

A full-home safety inspection will always be beneficial, especially when carried out on an at least annual basis so that concerns can be nipped in the bud, and damage to property and injuries can be prevented. Improper use and installations, sub-standard materials, as well as usual wear and tear are just some of the areas that we check even in a relatively newer home. Rodent and human damage are also likely causes of wiring and electrical concerns that cause power outages, inconveniences, and even surges that may damage appliances and other electronic devices.

Catching electrical issues early on before they get blown-out of proportion will also minimize the financial damage that it can cause. Apart from scheduling annual checks, when are you supposed to request electrical safety inspections?

Here are the scenarios:

  1. When moving to an older home. The electrical fixtures may already be outdated, and the capacity of electrical supply may be less than what you actually need.
  2. When purchasing a new home. Even relatively newer houses may have electrical issues, hence it is in your best interest to have a certified electrician look through the electrical fixtures in the home that you are eyeing to buy. During this periodic check, the electrician will inspect the electrical panel the wirings, the outlets, as well as the other fixtures in the home which may possibly become electrical issues in the future. Should the electrician’s evaluation reveal that a rewiring is needed or a panel upgrade is due, then you may mention this to your agent so that he or she can make necessary arrangement with the property seller.
  3. When you are remodeling a home. A safety inspection will be needed as you renovate your current home so that you will be informed whether your panel can still handle the additional demand in electricity the renovation may bring about. They will also check existing outlets, circuits and wirings to ensure that the home is adhering to the National Electric Code guidelines.
  4. When selling a property. As a responsible property seller, you should also see to it that an appropriate electrical maintenance check is carried out even before putting up your property for sale. This is to help maintain the value of your home (homes with electrical concern tend to be discounted) and at the same time be able to answer all the questions of your property agent, and prospective buyers.

What happens during a safety inspection?

Our certified electricians will walk through your whole premises to find out if there are electrical issues within your residential property. Our electrician will check your electric panel, your wirings, your circuits, your switches, the outlets, as well as the appliances that you usually use round-the-clock like air conditioning units, refrigerators and the like. Our electrician will ensure that everything is running smoothly and that there are no electrical issues in the offing.

Our certified electrician shall also test electrical loads in your breaker to ensure that overloading does not take place. More importantly, we will inspect and evaluate if your home is complying with the NEC Guidelines. Our electricians are abreast with the latest electrical codes to ensure the safety of all the properties that we work on. At Green Electric Solutions, your safety is our primary concern.

Call us up now for your home safety inspection schedule.

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Wiring – Rewiring

Residential and Commercial Full Wiring Services

Green Electric Solutions specializes in wiring services for both commercial and residential properties. There is no jo that is too small or too big for us, as we can help you with wiring repairs, up to the updating of your outdated aluminum wiring system to copper wiring – which is touted as the better, and safer wiring alternative for homes and commercial establishments.

Electrical Wiring Services in San Diego

As the leading electrician contractor services in the San Diego area, we at Green Electric Solutions have the expertise and the right supplies and equipment that are essential to all rewiring requirements. We see to it that all the rewiring services that we render comply with the latest guidelines of the National Electric Code to ensure the safety of your family and to avoid preventable home damage cause by electrical fires.

When we create wiring connections for every fixture in your home, we make it a point to carefully inspect all these to ensure that all wirings that we have installed are durable and solid.

We also make it a point that your electrical panel or fuse box are properly installed, and easy to operate if and when an emergency occurs and you need to shut it off. We are also known for installing neat and properly organized fuse boxes that will ensure that you will see appropriate labeling when you need to fix something in your electrical wiring system. All these we undertake to ensure your safety and protection from electrical accidents.

Knob and Tube Rewiring

At Green Electric Solutions, we are very proficient when it comes to updating phased out electrical fixtures like knob and tube wiring. We are experts in the removal of these types of wiring fixtures in view of replacing them with safer and more modern alternatives that meet the current guidelines of the National Electric Code. Installation of copper wiring has been one of our most sought-after services given the expertise that our tea, has when it comes to Knob and Tube rewiring.

Knob and Tube wiring is an electric wiring technology used until the 1930s. It makes use of copper conductors and porcelain insulating tubes that if not properly corrected, could become fire and electrical shock hazards. The latest developments in modern construction, particularly in electrical wiring eventually outdated this type of electrical wiring system. It however still is being used in many homes across the United States because not all homes have considered rewiring. If you are unsure as to the last time your older home has been inspected for electrical safety and maintenance, it will be I your family’s best interest to have a s home safety inspection, so as to determine possible safety issues specifically the existing wiring system used in your home. Should the certified electrician discover that your home’s wiring system is that of a Knot and Tube then Green Electric Solutions can help you in your rewiring concerns. We can immediately replace your wiring with a safer, modern, and most cost-effective electrical wiring solution which is copper wires.

If you suspect that your home still uses Knob and Tube Wiring, give us a call and we will conduct a no-obligation inspection complemented with a free cost estimate. We will walk you through the whole rewiring process that will help you to have a safer, and NEC-compliant property. We promise to be as least invasive as we can as we work on the whole home rewiring process.

Schedule Your Electrician’s Visit today

At Green Electric Solutions we endeavor to offer you top-notch quality electrician contractor services that you can afford. Our Electricians are all certified, licensed, and widely experienced. We have also conducted extensive background checks on them to give you the peace of mind while they work on your home or commercial property. Our company is also fully-bonded and insured, which means that you are well protected if and when damage occurs in relation to the service rendered to your property.

We also see to it that we provide prompt service, as we maintain our being punctual regardless if the requested service is routine or emergency in nature. We also assure you that we will keep you informed the rest of the way, as we clearly communicate with you all the plans, procedures, as well as developments in the electrical task that we are undertaking. Apart from valuing your time and property, we also value your money as we endeavor to find the most cost-effective solutions to your home rewiring concern. We also respect your premises, as we clean up after our job is done.

Should you happen to have more questions with regard to our home rewiring services, or any electrical requirement, please do not hesitate to call our 24/7 hotline via (858) 480-6559. Call us up today.

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Recessed Lighting Remodeling Ideas

Recessed Lighting Remodeling Ideas

When renovating a home, lighting fixtures should also be reconsidered as it can accentuate the highlights of the whole remodeled living space. The transformation it brings into a newly remodeled space can spell a lot of difference in terms of putting a spotlight on areas that may have been improved around the house. With the many lighting choices available, Recessed Lighting remains to be a popular choice among homeowners as it is very versatile and can be used in almost if not all rooms in a home.

What is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed Lighting is when the light bulbs are pushed in unto the ceiling through a cylindrical hole. The light then emanates from that space, acting like a can or down light that beams illumination to any room. It can be used to accentuate certain areas in a home, or it can serve as the usual home lighting. It may appear inconspicuous unlike the usual ordinary lighting where the bulb sticks out of the ceiling, but it may be surprising to note that it delivers the same amount of lighting power than the ordinarily installed ones, if not, even brighter due to beam concentration.

Why Install Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting can greatly help in creating the illusion of a bigger home, and a taller ceiling. Compared to the usual ceiling lights that drop from the ceiling level, recessed lighting created cleaner lines, and an illusion of space that helps to not crowd a small room.

When ordinary ceiling lights are installed in a much smaller space, the area usually looks all the more smaller with a caved-in feel. This is not the case for recessed lighting because the lights do not protrude into the space of the room that is being lighted, instead it has its own hollow opening to shine at, and reflect light from.

When a light is mounted from the ceiling, it may look unappealing as well, as it gives an unfinished industrial look. If industrial look is your home theme then by all means go for ceiling mounted designs, but if you are leaning towards the minimalistic look, or cleaner lines, then having recessed lighting is the way to go.

What is great about the versatility of recessed lighting is that it can be great for bedrooms, and even in nurseries. It is also perfect for the kitchen as it gives an illusion of a bigger and cleaner space. It is also great as complimentary lights to a dining area with ceiling mounted light fixtures. A living area or a family room will also be adequately illuminated, and even enlarged by recessed lighting. IN fact evn home corridors would look bigger, brighter and cleaner with recessed lights.

Where is recessed lighting best installed in a home?

Recessed Lighting, as earlier mentioned, is chosen by more and more homeowners because of its versatility. It can work well in bedrooms as it tends to make resting and lounging spaces, brighter and wider. It can also be great for home offices, as it does not only properly illuminate a home work station, it also lends formality and appropriateness for a space where seriousness is in order.

Recessed lightings can also be a great choice for kitchens as brighter lights help in food preparation and cooking. Bright lights help a lot in ensuring proper illumination which is needed when cooking food. It can also work well in bathrooms, as it provides a cleaner and bigger feel, to the otherwise smallest room in the house. The family room and visitor reception areas can also be appropriate spaces for recessed lighting, as it can be your stand-alone choice, or it can complement accent mounted lighting like a chandelier or even a ceiling fan with lights.

So whether you are in the building phase, or you are in the process of renovating a home, we at Green Electric Solutions will be more than happy to help you with the installation of recessed lighting in your new abode. Call us up anytime for a free, no obligation cost estimate today.

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans can greatly help in distributing air inside any room in the house. The installation though usually requires professional services. At Green Electric Solutions, no job is too small for us and we will be more than happy to install your new ceiling fan in your home.

As the summer approaches more and more homes are looking at installing ceiling fans. It does not only help improve the comfort levels in any home, it also is a greener solution for homes that do not have centralized air conditioning. Instead of having air conditioning on 24/7, ceiling fans can be a great substitute that paves the way for a lower carbon foot print, and a much lower electric bill.

Call us up today for your ceiling fan installation requirements.

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Residential Emergency Electrical Services

Residential Emergency Electrical Services

Should you find yourself in need of emergency electrical repair service, do not hesitate to call us any time, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. At Green Electric Solutions, we know that electrical concerns can come up anytime, and losing power is no joke when it comes to the hassle and inconvenience that it may bring. Add to that the safety hazards that electrical issues may bring.

We know how vital safe electrical supply is to our customers that is why we endeavor to be on your location 60 minutes from the time of call. Apart from ensuring your safety from the electrical issues you are facing, we are aware that some residences may have elderly family members that may need to have medical equipment running round the clock. In such cases, we can provide temporary power supply to your home through generator interlock kits, a standby-power generator, or a portable generator while we work on the electrical issues in your home.

You can rest assure that our electricians are certified, heavily experienced, and have all gone through extensive background checks to ensure your peace of mind as they work in your property even at the wee hours of the morning.

So call us up anytime and we will be more than willing to assist you, anywhere, anytime. Call us up now (858) 480-6559.

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Breakers and Fuses

Breakers and Fuses

Breakers or fuse boxes is the most integral part of electrical power supply in any home or commercial property. It is a home’s direct link to the power utility company, as it is the main gateway of the electricity that is being supplied from the service provider to the home or business establishment.

Apart from fuse box, the breaker is also called as an electrical panel or access panels as it is in reality, the one switch that has to be turned off to shut off power in any property. And just like any fixture in a home, it needs to be periodically maintained, upgraded and replaced as needed. Green Electric Solutions is the leading electrician contractor services that provide safe and durable electrical panel repair work, upgrades and replacement in the San Diego area.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

We at Green Electric Solutions have already mastered the art of Electrical Panel Upgrades, as we ensure that electricity flows safely and well into your property. Panel upgrades are usually needed as a home increases demand for electricity through the newly installed appliances or electrical equipment. Usual appliances that may demand additional power would be HVAC Systems, Refrigerators, and other appliance that consumes a higher volume of electricity.

Older homes would definitely need electrical panel upgrades as the whole system may no longer be compliant to the guidelines of the National Electric Code or NEC, and at the same time, can no longer supply the electricity demand of the whole property.

How it works

As electricity flows into your home or commercial property through electrical poles, the electrical panel or fuse box regulates the entry of power by allocating electricity into the many circuits inside your home. These circuits then provide electricity to outlets that in turn, supply power to your home appliances, or commercial equipment.

At Green Electric Solutions, your safety remains to be our priority. We endeavor to provide you accurate panel installations by ensuring that appropriate amp ratings are specified for every breaker, and that appliances that are required to have its own circuit ill have its own. By ensuring this, your electrical system remains protected from power surges or excessive electricity loads following a switching on of electricity right after a power interruption.

Should there be a need for additional power circuits, we will be more than happy to install these new dedicated power circuits in your home or commercial property.

Another reason for a panel upgrade is when a home appears to need more electrical power than the current capacity that its breaker can provide. The NEC guidelines provide that should the total electric usage exceed a panel or breaker’s total capacity, then the electrical panel should be upgraded. Such a service can only be implemented by licensed and professional electricians, and Green Electric Solutions has mastered the provisioning of this service. Should a permit be needed in installing a new fuse box, we will be more than happy to assist you with that to lessen the inconvenience on your part.

Peace of Mind

Apart from us assuring you that your safety remains to be our top priority, you can also rest assure that Green Electric Solutions is a licensed and certified electrician contractor service. We only employ expert, professional and licensed electricians whose backgrounds have been carefully checked for your security and peace of mind.

Our expert services have been duly recognized by the community through the Better Business Bureau, as well as the many unbiased feedback and reviews in various channels as well as word of mouth. More importantly, we are a fully insured and bonded company, so that in the remote possibility that something goes wrong with any of our installation, repair or upgrade services, you can always file for insurance claims in view of the damages.

There is virtually no risk, as we also provide free no-obligation inspections, and complimentary cost estimates to help you decide on whether too avail of our electrical panel upgrade services.

If you are in the market to purchase a new home or commercial property, it will be in your best interest to have Green Electric Solutions check on the Electrical Panel of the property you are eyeing. Our electrical inspection service will determine for you whether a panel upgrade is due, and that this cost can be mentioned to your property agent.

Usually, homes that have been constructed more than 40 years ago have fuse boxes or electrical panels that can no longer supply the power requirement of home appliances and electronic equipment of our time. And since the capacity of a panel should never be exceeded by the demand in power, or usage, an upgrade will be required to make the whole property adhere to existing NEC guidelines. Adhering to the NEC guidelines would mean protection from electrical-related injuries and fire accidents. At Green Electric Solutions we have the appropriate equipment to test whether electrical panels need repair or upgrading.

Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco Electrical Panels

Homes that have been built more than 30 years ago may come with Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco Electrical Panels, which have now been rendered unsafe for use in any property. Unfortunately the technology used in these panels may no longer protect from short circuits and power surges. When those can no longer be prevented electrical wirings within the home can overheat, melt, and cause fire accidents. To address any concern, we will be more than willing to conduct an electrical safety inspection in your home and draw up a free estimate on the possible charges that will be incurred for the possible repair or upgrade.

The Benefits of Electrical Panel Upgrades

If you are still convincing yourself on whether to upgrade your electrical panels, then you may want to read on to see the many advantages of getting a panel upgrade. Here are some that you may want to consider:

  1. If you live in an older home, and you want to maximize the efficiency of the new appliances and electronic devices that you have, then an upgrade will be best. An updated panel of say 200 amp capacity is way better in supplying electricity to modern electrical appliances compared to the 100 amp that it supplies to the home appliances being used some three or more decades ago.
  2. If you want to ensure the safety of your family, and the security of your property then an upgrade is the way to go. Overheating circuits due to exceeding power usage will no longer be a concerned, and fires due to faulty electrical wiring can be kept at bay.
  3. Having an electrical panel upgrade would also mean that you ad your family, or employees will have more access to electricity. More power outlets can be installed throughout the property with the updating of a fuse box or electrical panel.
  4. If you are remodeling your home, it will also be best to seek the advice of a professional electrician contractor. An expert electrician can evaluate whether you will need a panel upgrade or not.

Tap Green Electric Solutions for your Electrical Panel Upgrades

Green Electric Solutions is considered as San Diego’s expert electrician contractor services when it comes to electrical panel upgrades. We take pride in our roster of professional, licensed and heavily experienced electricians who can do the work for you efficiently, at the safest possible way. You can rest assure that only quality supplies and materials will be used for your repair or upgrade needs as we only use genuine, top-of-the-line and high quality materials to ensure safety and durability of the electrical hardware and fixtures that we install or repair.

The quality of service that we provide remains to be one of our greatest honors as we continue to receive referrals and recommendations, as well as very positive feedbacks whether through word of mouth or through reputable channels as evaluated by our customers.

We are certified, licensed, and fully bonded and insured so you can be sure that in the dire possibility that something comes up, you can always claim for insurance. We also have service warranties that will ensure you that should you have any concerns related to the service that we have provided, we can come in your location to assess and do some rectifications if so needed.

At the onset of your home remodeling or construction, we will be more than happy to work hand-in-hand with your general contractor to implement all the electrical requirements of your property. We are the experts in electrical panel upgrade, and we have decades upon decades of experience in the San Diego neighborhood to back up that claim.

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Surge Protection San Diego Electrician

Surge Protection in San Diego

Surge protection is important when trying to ensure the soundness of appliances in a home, sets of equipment in commercial establishments, as well as the safety and protection of the whole property should an electrical surge take place. Electrical surges occur when a sudden spike in electrical power or voltage is supplied in your system, affecting the appliances currently being used at the time of the surge. Common reasons for electrical surges include sudden switching on of power from the electrical service provider, following a black-out or power outage. It could also come from lightning strikes, fallen power poles, as well as damaged power lines. More importantly, electrical surges can also travel through internet and cable television circuit connection, as well as landline phone wiring systems.

Any surge in electricity could damage costly appliances and expensive commercial and industrial equipment. These surges can at the same time cause electrical accidents. Availing surge protection service is definitely a worthwhile investment considering the total cost of possible repairs and replacements that could be spent should an electrical surge cause damage to existing appliances and cause unfortunate electrical-related injuries and fires.

How much will surge protection cost?

To be safe, surge protection can only cost a small fraction of the total cost of equipment or appliances in any home. At Green Electric Solutions we see to it that we provide free, no obligation cost estimates to help property owners decide on whether to avail of the service or not.

Once we have installed these surge protectors in your home or commercial property, you can rest assure that whatever the cause of surge in electrical power, your appliances or commercial and industrial equipment will all be free from damage.

We will also provide a warranty for the surge protection – meaning if and when appliances or your set of equipment incurs damage during an electrical surge, you may file for insurance claims so that if and when damage is indeed determined, a reimbursement can be given to cover the damages.

What are the chances of an electrical surge taking place?

Electrical surges can take place anytime. Lightning for instance may strike all year round, in fact, statistics show that 30% of black-outs or electrical outages are due to lightning strikes. A survey on North American households also indicated that about 35 power disruptions take place annually on a five-year duration.

In addition, deregulated electric utility services is seen as a somehow potential reason for a possible lowering of quality of electrical supply services, hence more outages, and sudden switching of electricity that can give way to surges.

In the end, availing of surge protection services remains to be a very affordable and practical move to protect appliances and the rest of the home from getting damaged during sudden power jolts.

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